The Evolution of Graphics and Animation

Animation has come a long way, with animated films becoming blockbuster hits, and some even acting as an art style on their own. Movie graphics have changed as well, with theaters promising an experience like no other as you get immersed into the surround sound and clear picture. Going to the movies isn’t about watching anymore, but instead about experiencing what’s around you.

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It’s a far cry from the humble beginnings of film, where animation was unheard of and the action on the screen was limited to what actors could reasonably do. Some special effects and camera tricks were used to create monsters and spaceships, but these were very cheesy, especially when you look back on them.

Most animation was either stop motion, done with clay models, or was motion capture animation. Motion capture animation was done by moving still images at a speed so fast that the eye was tricked into thinking it was one fluid movement.

The first real use of animation was in Disney’s Mary Poppins, where the actors were sucked into a massive animated world and were able to do revolutionary things. Like dance with penguins and sing with farm animals, and it looked like the real characters were simply a part of the world. Other films hopped on this idea and soon animation really took off.

Animated films soon followed, and the rest is movie history. Television began using the animation for title screens and soon the idea bled into TV. Now there are countless animated films that bring new life to inanimate objects, allow for the bounds of cinema to be pushed, and give the ideas of movie worlds and characters no limit as to what they can be.

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With the massive jump between the evolution of old school animation to what we have available today, it’ll be interesting to see how the technology continues to evolve as time goes on.