How are Electronics Recycled?

Broken electronics or out of date hardware seem to be common in our society, and it raises the question. How do we keep those broken items out of landfills? The metals and components, such as lead or mercury in computers, phones, and other electronics can pollute the environment after all, and no one wants that.

Even if they are incinerated, the vapors can cause some serious problems for the environment, so electronic recycling toronto is the better option for everyone involved. 

One option is through getting them repaired and giving them a slightly longer life, or they can be donated, sold to people who need them, or given back to the manufacturing company so they can use the parts. However, the most common way to recycle electronics is by sending them to electronic recycling centers.

These centers will take old electronics and take them apart. If valuable working parts can be extracted, then they are extracted and used in new computers. If not, then materials such as copper, aluminum, and silver can still be extracted and either sold or put to other use.

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The items are then shredded and broken down by massive machines, which separate the metal, plastic, and other bits into bins, and then the bins are sold to the global market and to countries that that need those materials.

Then once the bins have been sold, either to other countries or back to the U.S, they are recycled into more electronics or used for other materials. Any precious metals or salvageable components are extracted, and then used again.

It might be easier to just throw the broken iPhone in the trash rather than go through the effort of getting it repaired or taking it to be dropped off at a designated recycling plant, but the extra effort is worth it.